Mauro Micheloni
Biographical Information.

Mauro Micheloni was born in Prato (Italy) in 1949. After secondary school he attended at the University of Florence, graduating in chemistry in 1973, with the highest score, discussing a thesis on thermochromism of amine copper complexes. He then moved at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) where he worked with Professor D.R. Williams until November 1976. Dr. Micheloni was appointed Research Assistant of inorganic chemistry at the University of Florence in 1977. He was appointed associate professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Florence, Department of Chemistry, in 1980. In 1990 Dr. Micheloni was appointed full professor of Inorganic Chemistry, and move to the University of Urbino.

Others biographical Information.

Prof. Micheloni He has been president of the Italian Group of 'Termodinamica dei Complessi'; He is the Director of the Archaeometric Centre of the University of Urbino; He has been member of the Governing Body of the University of Urbino; He has been head of the Geology Board of the University of Urbino. He is the Director of the Institute of Chemical Sciences of the University of Urbino. He is member of the Italian and American Chemical Societies.

Teaching activity

Prof. Micheloni's teaching activity is vast, span from General and Inorganic Chemistry for student of Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Environmental Sciences to Chemistry courses for students in Art Conservation. He also has held specialized courses in corrosion chemistry and metal chemistry.
Research interest Prof. Micheloni's research interests have focused on synthetic macrocyclic compounds, metal complexes, solution equilibrium studies, NMR contrast agents, PGM recovery. He is authors of 120 international publications and has presented many research lectures in Italy and abroad.
Industry linkage Prof. Micheloni's group has been involved in research industrial project with Bracco Firm on new NMR macrocyclic contrast agents, when he was in Florence University. Now, in Urbino, is involved in industrial research and development with TCA Firm on PGM (Platinum Group Metals) recovery from spent automobile catalysts and other metal scrapes.

Current address:
Prof. Mauro Micheloni
University of Urbino
Inst. of Chemical Sciences
P.zza Rinascimento n° 6
I-61029 Urbino (Italy)
Phone Fax +39 722 350032