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Learning Objectives

The course is designed to provide a transdisciplinary and integrated preparation that allows the evaluation and the planning of environmental scenarios in the direction of identifying the best mitigation and adaptation strategies to the impact of climate change, as well as for the reduction of vulnerability. The thematic objectives are aimed at providing a preparation that allows assessing anthropogenic impact and changes of a set of environmental systems in relation to the effects of climate change with particular reference to the Mediterranean area.


The scientific basis of the climate change processes is provided through a first preparatory didactic module (8 ECTs) focused on the physic-chemical and environmental aspects, in a broader sense, of the climate system components and dynamics, of their natural variability, and the anthropogenic impact on them.


This first segment will be followed by an ample module dedicated to the techniques of definition and analysis of climate change impacts, and adaptation/mitigation strategies in the main natural and anthropically modified systems and subsystems, as follows:


i) Agriculture and forestry

ii) Cities and the urban environment

iii)  Coastal systems and the sea

iv) Human health

v) Local and transnational firm dynamics


Such an approach, which is necessarily multidisciplinary, is aimed at training a professional figure capable of guiding:

A) the planning, the design, and the management of actions taking into consideration an innovative evaluation of the effects of environmental transformations induced by climate change introducing new sustainable economic processes;

B) the planning, design and implementation of environmental recovery interventions;

C) the control and monitoring of ecosystems, the environment and the territory, soil protection;

D) the evaluation of renewable resources

The program targets a suite of professional roles, including:

- trainer and consultant for the mitigation and adaptation actions and the governance of the natural risk;

- consultant on circular economy;

- advisor for agricultural and forestry policies;

- advisor for marine and coastal environment policies;

- specialist on the environment and climate change;

- sustainable urban planner;

- researcher.

The lectures and exercises include a first part on the scientific basis followed by four modules on the impact of climate change on the different systems (agriculture and forests, city ​​and urban environment, marine-coastal system, economy) completed by a module on the impacts on human health.

The course includes an 200 hour-long internship and the development of an individual project.

How to apply for Sustainable development and climate change in the mediterranean area

Course with free access
Number of positions
60 available
Application procedure
You can apply from the 20/07/2021 to the 31/10/2021 . Using the online procedure you can register to fill in the application and pay with PagoPA (Credit Card, PayPal) to complete the payment of the admission fee.
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Information on teaching and research activities

Simone Galeotti
 0722-304273   simone.galeotti@uniurb.it
Umberto Giostra

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