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Tuition fees depend on your Equivalent Financial Situation Index (Italian ISEE-U Parificato), which may entitle you to pay these at a reduced rate. Tuition fees also depend on the course and the year you enroll in, whether you are a part-time student and the number of ECTS you have (only if you enroll in years following the first one) and your ISEE. For a general idea of how much your tuition fees will be, please click here.



The Equivalent Financial Situation Index is the document that indicates your family’s financial situation. It is calculated yearly and in Italy it is used above all to obtain reductions in rates and special conditions. In Italy it is known as ISEE or ISEEU for university studies.

Technically speaking, it is an account of your family’s yearly income and movable and fixed assets (Patrimonio mobile e immobile).

In the Italian university system, it is used to provide support to every student in line with their own economic background.


The ISEE is a document that must be calculated and released by a CAF (Centro Assistenza Fiscale – Fiscal Assistance Centre) when you arrive in Italy. Ask for a ISEE-U Parificato for university studies.

CAFs in Urbino:






Address: Via Battista Sforza, 249 - 61029 Urbino

Telephone: +39 0722 350565

Fax: +39 0722 327865

Head of office: Cristina Cleri

Tel. +39 0722 322301


Office Hours

Monday 8.30-12.30

Wednesday 8.30-12.30

Thursday 15.00-19.00

Friday 8.30-12.30

Saturday 8.30-12.30



Address: via Battista Sforza, 50 - 61029 – Urbino

Telephone: +39 0722 4866

Fax: +39 0722 322667




Office Hours


Monday 08.30-12.30 | 15.30-18.30

Thursday 08.30-12.30

Friday 08.30-12.30

Booking an appointment in advance is advisable.

The service is free of charge.

For information regarding the documents required to calculate your ISEEU, ask at the CAF.



Students can only gain the entitlement to pay reduced fees by submitting the “Modulo presentazione ISEEU parificato per studenti stranieri” (available here) to the students secretariat, attaching the ISEE-U parificato.

ISEE-U Submission deadlines:

  • 11 October 2018 for Bachelor degrees and Integrated Master degrees
  • 9 November 2018 for Master Degrees
  • 31 December 2018 for any Degree (with 150€ fine)


Payment of the tuition fees is made in three instalments according to the following time limits:

  1. Payment of 1st instalment upon enrolment/registration
  2. Payment of 2nd instalment by 1 December 2018
  3. Payment of 3rd instalmentby 15 March 2019 - if it is more than 500 Euros the amount can be split into two parts, the first one to be paid by 15 March and the second one by 30 April 2019

A late payment fee of 40 Euros will be charged after time limits.

The tuition fee amount varies according to the degree course chosen and is inclusive of the minimum enrolment tax, the cost of the student’s academic record booklet, insurance, revenue stamp and regional education tax, fees for internships and the issuance of the degree certificate. To find out the exact amount of the 3 instalments, click on www.uniurb.it/contribuzionestudentesca and choose, in the first box, the course for which you are registering ; in the second box, choose the year of the course you are enrolling in; tick whether you are a part-time or full-time student;

If you are enrolling for the first time, continue by entering your ISEE. If you are enrolling for the second year or a later year, be sure to have the required number of ECTS, check the box, then enter your ISEE. For details about 'contribuzione agevolata' click here.

Methods and time-limits for payment of fees

For registration or a new enrolment, payment must be made and delivered together with the registration/enrolment form to the Student Secretariat (the payment receipt is an integral part of the documentation).

Payment of the fee must be made by bank MAV. The relative payment form can be printed by accessing the area reserved for students on the University's website, by clicking here.

Using the MAV form does not require the student to pay any commission charges.
Receipts for payments made by MAV must be kept in the student’s academic record booklet and shown on request.

Payments made after the time limits are subject to late payment interest.

Students enrolled in years subsequent to the first one who enrol for the current academic year must be up-to-date with payment of the tuition fees for the previous academic years; if this is not the case, the enrolment will not be valid, even though the first tuition fee instalment has been paid.

Students who have not paid tuition fees are not admitted to university examinations.

The student can submit an application to pay reduced tuition fees once they have submitted their registration request, or renewed their registration, up until 31 December 2017, by paying a penalty of 150.00 euro.


Students who are beneficiaries of, or eligible for, scholarships

Students who have sent scholarship applications to ERSU/erdis must pay the amount established annually for beneficiary students. If the scholarship is not awarded, you must pay the whole amount of the first and second tuition fee instalments (less the amount established for beneficiary students, since this has already been paid) by the latest expiry date, with no late payment interest being applicable.

Students who are awarded scholarships (beneficiary students) are fully exempt from payment of tuition fees (enrolment fee, university fees and regional tax). Students who are eligible but not beneficiaries are partially exempt from payment of tuition fees (enrolment fee and regional tax).

Students who apply for an ERSU/ERDIS scholarship must be enrolled and up-to-date with payment of tuition fees, by the expiry dates set forth annually in the student prospectus, for "Lauree" and "Lauree Magistrali" respectively, under penalty of exclusion.

The time limits for presenting scholarship applications are governed by the regulations of the call for applications published each year by the Ente Regionale per il Diritto allo Studio (ERDIS).

Fee for participation in One year postgraduate courses, Lifelong learning programs and Summer/Winter schools

Amounts relating to the fee for enrolment on the aforementioned courses are detailed in the specific call for applications for each course. Payments may be made at any branch of Banca delle Marche or at any Credit Institution, using the online university MAV form produced at the end of the procedure for course registration.
For payments from abroad please use the following bank coordinates:






Tuition fees for Individual courses for free movers

Amounts relating to the fees for enrolment on Individual courses are the following:


Fee amount

First individual course

Euros 172,00

Additional Individual courses

Euros 156,00 each

Individual course – online program

Euros 242,00

For payments from abroad please use the following bank coordinates:






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