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The PhD student with or without a scholarship who intends to partecipate to a research period abroad must submit a specific request, authorized by the Coordinator, to the PhD Office at least one month before departure. For periods longer than 6 consecutive months, the favorable opinion of the Academic Board is required.

For scholarship holders, there is a 50% increase of the scholarship for each duly certified day of stay abroad. This increase cannot be used for stays in the country of birth, citizenship, residence and domicile of the student. The increase cannot be paid for periods of less than 15 continuous days.

The maximum overall period of stay abroad is twelve months. This period can be extended up to an overall maximum of eighteen months for students with joint supervision of PhD thesis (Cotutele) with foreign subjects or for doctorates activated through the stipulation of agreements or the constitution of consortia. Co-supervised PhD students follow the same procedure for stays abroad.

The increase of the scholarship for periods of less than three months is paid at the end of the period.

For periods longer than three months, an advance payment of the increase equal to 60% of the total amount is foreseen, the remaining 40% will be paid at the end of the period.

PhD students who intend to extend their stay abroad beyond the expected return date must send the appropriate form to the PhD Office in which the Coordinator authorizes them to extend their period abroad. The two periods must be continuous.

In the event that the research period abroad should undergo changes or short trips from the city in which the stay takes place, the doctoral student is obliged to communicate it to the following addresses contratti@uniurb.it and to dottorato@uniurb.it

The insurance policies activated by the University of Urbino for enrolled doctoral students are effective only and exclusively during the participation in all the educational and practical activities provided by the University / Research Center / Library / host company.

Before leaving

PhD students are required to submit the completed and signed form, endorsed by the Coordinator of the PhD course, when the continuous stay is less than or equal to six months. If the continuous stay is longer than six months, the authorization must be obtained from the Academic Board and the date of the resolution must be indicated on the form.

Attention: the obligation to present the authorization to the PhD Office is both for PhD students with and without scholarship.


Within 10 days of returning to Italy, you need to send the following documents to the PhD Office:

  • The attendance certificate for the period actually spent abroad issued by the Host Institution;
  • The outbound and return travel tickets;
  • The return from abroad form signed by the Coordinator.

Health insurance

For countries where there is a special agreement (European countries: EU), the PhD candidate must bring with him just the magnetic health card (“tessera sanitaria”), which on the back shows the TEAM (European Health Insurance Card): salute.gov.it – Sanità internazionale.  For other countries, it is advisable to obtain private insurance (the Italian state eventually reimburses only a part, in the event of significant hospital expenses). The PhD candidate who spends a research period in the USA with a J1 visa will be obliged by the host to subscribe a private insurance. For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Health - Reimbursement of health expenses incurred abroad click here. Rimborso spese sanitarie sostenute all'estero (salute.gov.it)


Documento File
Request to extend a research period abroad
Form related to carrying out research periods abroad.
Request for attendance period abroad
Form related to carrying out research periods abroad.
Return from period abroad
Form related to carrying out research periods abroad.
Certificate of attendance period abroad
Form related to carrying out research periods abroad.

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