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Departmental Centre for Study and Research on Noir

Department of Communication Sciences, Humanities and International Studies. Cultures, Languages, Literatures, Arts, Media

The departmental Centre for Study and Research on Noir / Centro Dipartimentale per lo studio e la ricerca sul “Noir” (CDN) is a research centre at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy. It was established in 2016. CDN gathers scholars in the field of Humanities plus Economics and Biology Collaborators:


The Centre aims to be a dynamic observatory on our present time, a time which urges us towards a social and cultural reflection concerning the educational models of the youth and their critical competences. The Centre intends to carry on interdisciplinary research by reinforcing the awareness of the differences between information, communication, and representation and by analyzing their different languages/codes. In particular, the Centre’s activities will be focussed on crime and detective fiction in relation to society. It considers the research on “Noir” (an umbrella term which includes many literary and cinematographic (sub)genres revolving around the representations of crime) extremely relevant both from the perspective of genre redefinition in the age of the new media, and from the standpoint of inter/multi/disciplinarity (since it involves various scientific areas, from information sciences to forensics). The Centre will interface with the “Urbinoir” group which has organized seminars and events for almost ten years at Urbino University and has also created a book series called “Urbinoir studi”. The first year of research will be devoted to art and music, while in the following two years the focus will move to psychology and history.

Managing bodies

Coordinator (2016-2019)
Alessandra Calanchi

Coordination board (2016-2019)
Margherita Amatulli, Bonita Cleri, Roberto Danese, Jan Marten Ivo Klaver, Piero Toffano (DISCUI), Gian Italo Bischi (DESP), Marco Rocchi (DISB)

Advisory board
Coming soon

Margherita Amatulli, Michele Bartolucci, Gian Italo Bischi, Alessandra Calanchi, Francesca Carducci, Bonita Cleri, Roberto Danese, Giovanni Darconza, Jan Marten Ivo Klaver, Tiziano Mancini, Marco Rocchi, Piero Toffano

Contact us
Email urbinoir@uniurb.it


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