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A.Y. Credits
2018/2019 8
Lecturer Email Office hours for students
Leonardo Pompa During classes (no appointment needed): Friday, 11:30 am -1:30 pm. By appointment otherwise.

Assigned to the Degree Course

Economics and Management (LM-77)
Date Time Classroom / Location
Date Time Classroom / Location

Learning Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide students  with a general overview of the basic themes and issues in organizational studies. 


0_ Organizational studies: an introduction and basic concepts

1_ The main organizational theories

2_ Structure and strategy 

3_ Coordination machanisms 

4_ Organizational design

5_ Internal and external environments

6_ People and rationality 

7_ The main motivation theories 

8_ The work of the teams 

9_ Leadership

10_ Culture, innovation and organizational change

Learning Achievements (Dublin Descriptors)

  • Knowledge and understanding: students will be able to master the main organizational issues, and organization design themes.
  • Applying knowledge and understanding: students will be able to critically analyze the organizational functioning and structure of the firms with which they will come into contact. 
  • Making judgements: students will be able to easily identify contact points between theory and practice, making appropriate assessments on how to use the theoretical tools to interpret real interactional dynamics between organizations and environment.
  • Communication skills: students will be able to clearly explain their ideas about organizational issues, by using a proper technical language. 
  • Learning skills: students will be able to effectively understand the lessons’ and textbooks’ contents. In this regard it is hoped they would desire to discover something more about these topics. 
  • Teaching Material

    The teaching material prepared by the lecturer in addition to recommended textbooks (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises, bibliography) and communications from the lecturer specific to the course can be found inside the Moodle platform › blended.uniurb.it

    Supporting Activities

    Course books + other teaching materials. 

    The teaching material prepared by the lecturer (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises) and specific communications from the lecturer can be found, together with other supporting activities, inside the Moodle platform. 

    Didactics, Attendance, Course Books and Assessment


    Frontal lessons. 

    Course books

    Richard L. Daft, "Organizzazione aziendale", Maggioli Editore

    Henry L Tosi, Massimo Pilati, "Comportamento organizzativo", EGEA

    Gary Dessler, "Gestione delle Risorse Umane", Pearson


    Written and oral exam. 

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