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2nd Plautine Days

1. From the 4th to the 8th September 2000 a Seminar of high scientific level for young Italian and foreign scholars will be held in Urbino organized by  the International Plautine Studies (CISP) and PLAVTVS (Plautine Centre of Research, Urbino-Sarsina) and under the auspices of the Municipality of Sarsina and of the Institute of Ancient Civilization of the Urbino University.
The subject of the Seminar is


2. The Seminar will take place at the Institute of Ancient Civilization with the following programme::

September 4th,
16.30 p.m.

E.W. Handley (Cambridge), ´Actoris opera´: words, action and acting in ´Dìs Exapatôn´ and ´Bacchides´.
September 5th, 9.30 a.m. G. Guastella (Siena), Modelli culturali ´stranieri´ nelle Commedie di Plauto.
16.30 p.m. M. Bettini (Siena), Sterilità feconda: l'autoritratto di Gelasimo nello 'Stichus'.
September 6th, 9.30 a.m. R. Oniga (Udine), I modelli del 'canticum' di Sosia.
September 7th, 9,30 a.m. S. Boldrini (Urbino), La nascita dei versi scenici recitati: modelli ed elementi autoctoni..
16.30 p.m. R.M. Danese (Urbino), Riusi plautini di elementi metrici e scenici del teatro greco.
September 8th, 9,30 a.m. J. Barsby (Otago-NZ), Terence and his models.
16.30 p.m. D. Del Corno (Milano), Raccontare il ´fuori scena´. Tracciati di tecnica teatrale.

3. At the Seminar the fourth Lectura Plautina Sarsinatis will follow on September 9th in Sarsina. The Lectura will be devoted to the 'Bacchides' with contributions of G. Arbizzoni, J. Barsby, D. Del Corno, E.W. Handley. During the Lectura brief contributions (max 10 minutes),  to be submitted in advance for the approval to the CISP´ people in charge, are foreseen.

4. In order to allow the attendance to the Seminar and to the Lectura 34 scholarships are instituted. They are subsidized by:

5. The scholarship consists in board and lodging at the University Colleges from 11 a.m. of September 4th to 10 a.m of September 10th, and in refund of travelling expenses proved by documents up to a maximum Lit 100.000.

6. Persons who want to compete for assignation of scholarschips, that are destined to young Italian and foreign scholars (last-year undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., Ph.D. students, titular of foreign equipollent qualifications), will have to present an application addressed to Istituto di Civiltà Antiche - Giornate Plautine II, accompanied by at least two recommendation letters of two professors certifying a specific preparation and interest in this field of study, and every other document which could be useful.

7. The applications for the scholarships, that must contain personal data, academic status and private address (telephone and/or telefax, e-mail) should be sent by registered letter within June 10th 2000 to Istituto di Civiltà Antiche - Giornate Plautine II, via Veterani 36, I 61029 Urbino; communication will be given to the winners within June 30th 2000.

8. The applications will be unobjectionably judged by a commission composed by the Chancellor of Urbino University, the Mayor of Sarsina, the President of CISP, the President of PLAVTVS, a professor of the Institute of Ancient Civilization (or by their representative).

9. The attendance to the 2nd Plautine Days is open to anyone who would be interested against payment of an entrance-fee amounting to Lit 75.000. The payment must be made within August 1st 2000 by postal order addressed to Cesare Questa - Direttore dell'Istituto di Civiltà Antiche, via Veterani 36, I 61029 Urbino; professors and students of the Urbino University are welcome guests for free.

10. Scholarships holders and registered persons will receive a certification of participation to the 2nd Plautine Days..

For further information please contact: Istituto di Civiltà Antiche, via Veterani 36, I 61029 Urbino, tel. 0722-4777 fax 0722-320487 e-mail:

Il Direttore del CISP
Cesare Questa
Il Sindaco di Sarsina
Lorenzo Cappelli
Il Rettore di Urbino
Carlo Bo
Il Direttore del PLAVTVS
Renato Raffaelli