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EUROPEAN PROJECT MANAGERS Reference Number : IT-2007-250-2 A training course for planning, administration and evaluation of Socrates, Leonardo and Active Citizenship projects. This course is aimed at the acquisition of technical and legal competences and the improvement of specific skills for the drafting, management and planning of European projects, particularly in the fields of Socrates, Leonardo and Active Citizenship. The Centre for Institution Building of the Faculty of Laws -University of Urbino “Carlo Bo”-, directed by Prof. Giuseppe Giliberti, has developed, in collaboration with the University of Malta and the Tulip-project European Association, a course based on the competences of University professors, project managers and EU senior officers. Please check on: http://ec.europa.eu/education/trainingdatabase/ This database contains information on events submitted by training providers to National Agencies and selected by Agencies How to search the database: Click on “Enter the search form”. Enter the REFERENCE NUMBER of the Course in the related field and go directly to the course details. (To use this application you need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape Communicator 6.2, Opera 6.0 or later releases of these web browsers)
Grundtvig - Mobility of Individuals In-service Training for Adult Education Staff (training and professional development of adult education staff) The objective of this action is to help improve the quality of lifelong learning by enabling persons working in adult education institutions, in the broadest sense, or engaged in the training of such persons, to undertake training of up to six weeks (in this case is a one week training) in a country other than that in which the participant normally works. In this way, participants are encouraged to improve their practical teaching/coaching/counselling skills and to gain a broader understanding of lifelong learning in Europe. Through blending lectures, seminars and practical learning (research on Internet, computer laboratory, simulation of projects), the participants will acquire a deeper knowledge of management and planning criteria, strategies and techniques with regard to monitoring and project evaluation, networking and net-raising, communication skills and international co-operation. TARGET AUDIENCE -Careers officers, educational guides, counsellors, inspectors -Headteachers/principals/managers of schools/organisations offering adult education -Other (Paid or voluntary) management staff in the institution/organisation -Non-teaching administrative staff -Members of students/teachers councils in adult education -Other, namely: NGOs, Third Sector and SME
FULL DESCRIPTION OF TRAINING CONTENTS IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE TRAINING: (EN) -Preparation:Team work, cooperative learning, re-use of resources and outcomes of EU projects. -Objectives:Fostering skills in EU project planning and management.Improving communication skills, building networks and encouraging transnational co-operation. -Methodology:Laboratories, seminars, open distance learning. Use of e-learning tools. -Follow-up:Video conferencing, skype, e-forums. PROGRAMME OF THE TRAINING ACTIVITIES (DAY BY DAY) 1rst Day:The administrative stucture of the EU (Lecture) - Data and partners search referring to the EU projects(laboratory) 2nd Day:Human developement and fundamental rights (lecture)- European strategies of "global education". Drafting projects (Socrates and Comenius)(laboratory) 3rd Day:Active Citizenship:cooperation strategies for sustainable developement of EU municipalities and third sector (lecture) - Simulation and project drafting on:"Town Twinning" (laboratoty) 4th Day: Policies for occupations for employement and workers mobility (lecture) - The project cycle management (seminar) 5th Day: Digital devide, e-learning tools, on line collaborative learning (lecture) - Problem solving: tutoring of an e-learning platform (laboratory)
TYPE OF CERTIFICATION OF ATTENDANCE AWARDED IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE TRAINING: Certificate of attendance including description of training content
OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION ON THE APPLICATION PROCEDURE 1. If you have been denied the grant, please inform Dr. Andriopoulou from the University of Urbino as soon as possible so that your name may be cancelled from the pre-registration list. 2. If your National Agency confirms that you have been awarded a grant, you have responsibilities towards the training provider. If you cancel your attendance at the event, you will be responsible for paying any cancellation fees which the training provider may claim. Only in very exceptional cases of force majeure (e.g. serious illness or death of the grant applicant or a family member) your National Agency may pay cancellation fees using grant money. 3. If the training organiser cancels the training at short notice, you may ask him/her for compensation if you have already incurred costs e.g. travel tickets which cannot be cancelled or changed. Neither your National Agency nor the European Commission can be liable. However, in justified cases your National Agency may decide to cover these costs using the grant awarded. If your training event is cancelled, your National Agency may give you the opportunity to select another one (contact your Agency for further details). 4. At the end of the training event, the organisers must hold an evaluation session. Your opinion on the quality of the training is important; training which is considered to be of poor quality will be further investigated by the National Agency of the training provider and may be removed from the database. 5. Please keep in mind: if you register at this course you may get € 1.150,00 granted by the EU, i.e. € 500,00 for your travel and accommodation expenses plus € 650,00 to be paid to the University of Urbino for the enrolment. 6. Once registered you can and cancel yourself from the course only by paying a penalty of € 250.00 to the University of Urbino. LANGUAGES USED FOR THE TRAINING MAIN LANGUAGE: English OTHER LANGUAGE/S USED DURING THE TRAINING: Italian


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