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Students wishing to study in Italy need to be covered by a health insurance

Non-EU Citizens

(3 months - stay permit holders included)

If you hold a permit of stay for study reasons and do not receive income other than scholarships or benefits provided by Italian public bodies, you can register with the Italian National Health Service (SSN). Registration provides the payment of an annual flat-rate contribution:

  • Registration costs 149.77 Euro and is valid for a calendar year - i.e. January-December;
  • The amount must be paid by postal or banking payment slip (data and info from the Health District office); with model F24
  • You must present form F24, the personal tax code, possible residence, to the Health District registry office;

Pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000, you will be asked to self-certify that you do not have income other than scholarships or benefits. A certificate of admission and degree programme attendance and a certificate proving the scholarship awarded - or the receipt of the benefits granted - must be attached to the self-certification.

This contribution is not valid for family members who are dependent 


Please pay attention that if you are dependent on a family member who regularly stays in Italy, for one of those reasons that determine compulsory registration with the SSN (Italian National Health Service), you can be registered by right (compulsory).

EU Citizens

If you are an EU student in possession of an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) issued by your country of residence, you can receive urgent and necessary care during your study stay as required by the European regulations in force. If you wish to register for our Regional Health Service with assignment to a General Practitioner, you can:

  • Submit form S1 or E106 (for students) or E109 (for dependent family members) to the Health District Register Office together with a copy of your tax code. These forms need to be requested from the health service of the country of origin. You will be registered for the duration of the validity indicated in the form.
  • Register and pay the € 149.77 contribution fee as referred to above.

Citizens of San Marino: may obtain emergency treatment. The Admissions Administration will then request the San Marino health service directly for cover for treatment given.

For information you can apply to the Urbino Health District office: Via Bonconte da Montefeltro 45 – Ufficio Anagrafe Assistibili – Ref. Ms. Silvia Lazzaretti (0722301547), Ms. Brunella Calcagnini (tel. 0722 301519), Ms. Valeria Galeazzi (tel. 0722 301522) contact person for foreigners

For emergencies during the night-time hours (from 8.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m.) and on public holidays and the day preceding a public holiday (from 10.00 a.m. on Saturdays to 8.00 a.m. on Mondays), you can apply to the "guardia medica"(duty doctor) service in Via Gramsci, 29 (Tel. 0722 301927 – 351906). The service requires payment. In serious and extremely urgent cases you can apply to the "pronto soccorso" (accident and emergency) service at Urbino hospital, in Viale Comandino, 70 (Tel. 0722 301272).

In the case of medical assistance in emergency or urgent situations the number to call in Italy is 118. The response on telephone number 118 will come from the Single Assistance Exchange, which receives calls, assesses the situation and, if necessary, sends staff and intervention support suitable for the specific needs. The number is free of charge and active 24/h; it can be called from any telephone, fixed or mobile. Mobile phones are enabled to make calls to emergency numbers even if there is no monetary credit on the card.

For Urbino University students there is a Medical Surgery (Tel. 0722 302669) in operation, located above the reception area of Tridente Hall of Residence. You can apply to this Surgery for consultancy and day-surgery treatments of a general nature, but it is not possible to request home visits and or have prescriptions for specialist appointments or laboratory examinations. At the Tridente Hall of Residence medical surgery there is a free-of-charge prevention and psychological consultancy service, called "Tempo Nostro" in operation (consulenzapsicologica@ersurb.it, tel. 0722 302669).

For information on duty chemists www.urbinoservizi.it>servizi>farmaciacomunale


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