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In this section you can get information about the personal tax code, where you can request it and how to fill in the AA4/8 form to request it.

In Italy, the tax code identifies a citizen in all dealings, not only of fiscal nature, with the Italian public authorities and other administrations.

The tax code is issued by the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate). In Urbino the Agenzia delle Entrate is in Via Ca' Biancone, Trasanni (check the map below).

Subjects not resident in Italy may apply for the tax code in different ways:


  1. At the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate):

You can request the personal tax code at any Agenzia delle Entrate office by filling in form AA4/8, following the relative instructions on the second tab of this page.

When you go to the Agenzia delle Entrate make sure that you have the following documents with you or they will not issue your Codice fiscale:

  • AA4/8 form, filled out    
  • A copy of your passport data page (contains your photograph and personal information)
  • A copy of your visa
  • The letter issued by the Questura with the appointment for your permit of stay issue.

Please note that you will need to show your visa and the letter issued by the Questura with the appointment for your permit of stay issue to the officer at the Agenzia delle Entrate.


  • Valid passport with relative Visa or other document recognised by the Italian authorities
  • Proof of identity issued by the Italian diplomatic or consular mission in your country (your passport photo should be attached)
  • Valid permit of stay
  • ID card issued by your municipality of residence


Address: via Ca' Biancone - Località Trasanni

By bus:

Line 46 from “Park Santa Lucia” stop and stop at “Urbinate 7 (Apicoltura)”.

You can check the route and line timetable on Google Maps.

Agenzia delle Entrate timetable and contacts:

For info please see at https://www.agenziaentrate.gov.it/portale/web/guest/uffici2/-/uffici/uffici_INSTANCE_760I75Ju693C/dettagliouffT/TQS/cr/910/iur/TQS.  

Mon-Thu 8.45-13.00

Tue and Thu 14.40-16.10

Fri 8.45-12.45

Tel. +39 0721 1721111

Fax +39 06 50763459

e-mail dp.pesarourbino@agenziaentrate.it


2. At the Italian Consular Authorities

Non-resident individuals who need to obtain a tax code can apply for one to the Italian consular authorities in their country of residence.

The tax code is issued by the Consulate through a computerized link with the Italian Revenue Agency, and a certificate is given to the applicant.


Alternatively, the request can be submitted personally or by a person specifically delegated to do so:

  • to any local office of the Revenue Agency
  • to the Operational Centre in Pescara (Centro Operativo, Via Rio Sparto, 21-65129 Pescara)    
  • e-mail: cop.pescara@agenziaentrate.it -phone: 085 - 5771 (switchboard); 085 - 5772400 (Director’s secretariat office); 085 – 5772402 call centre: 800.89.41.41

When submitting the application, the applicant’s valid identity card must be presented. If the claim is made by proxy, the delegate must show a valid ID and a copy of a valid identity card belonging to the applicant.
The documentation, as well as providing proof of the party’s identity, must also prove that the party is legitimately present in Italy.
When the request is submitted, the Revenue Office will issue a certificate of allocation of the tax code to the applicant.

Form AA4/8 is the document which must be used to request your Personal tax code and it can be downloaded at this link.

How to fill in the form

Box A - Section I

If requesting the tax code for yourself, write D in the box CODICE TIPOLOGIA RICHIEDENTE (APPLICANT TYPE CODE)

If requesting the tax code for a friend of yours, write T in the box CODICE TIPOLOGIA RICHIEDENTE (APPLICANT TYPE CODE)

Box A - Section II

Place a cross in box 1

Box B 

Enter your personal details

Box C

Leave blank

Box D

Indicate the foreign state, place, city code and address

Box E

Leave blank


Leave blank


add the date and your signature


Only complete this if you are sending a friend of yours to request the tax code on your behalf. In this case, you must also provide your friend with a photocopy of your identity document



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