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A student's average budget will have to consider the following general expenses. All amounts, which are only approximate, are expressed in euro from a minimum up to a maximum.

Immediate costs to face at your arrival

  • stay permit application: from € 153.50 to 173.50 (according to the duration of your stay) + the cost of an health insurance;
  • health insurance: € 149.77 (per solar year) for the enrolment to the Italian Health System;
  • meals at the University canteens: € 5/full meal; € 2.60/small meal; both free if you get a scholarship from ERSU;
  • housing rent (see prices below);
  • bus transport: € 1.15 for a single ticket (valid up to 60 minutes) € 1.50 for a two hour ticket; € 2.50 for daily ticket; € 10.50 for 10 single tickets (valid up to 60 minutes each); monthly bus pass € 39.00.

Living costs

Price per person/month for accommodation at the University residence halls:

  • Free in a double room /single room: only for students who have applied for ERSU benefits and fulfill the economic and merit requirements foreseen in the Call for applications of ERSU (published in June each year at the following link www.ersurb.it);
  • From 164.60 Euro to 177 Euro in a double room/single room: for students who are eligible for a scholarship, those who have not applied for a scholarship or who have been refused one, those enrolled for Doctorate or Master’s courses and specialization courses who pay the regional tax for the Right to Education;
  • € 250 in a double room /single room: for foreign students within bilateral agreements or who participate in international mobility programs;
  • € 270 in a double room /single room: for students enrolled in Master’s degree courses who do not pay the regional tax for the Right to Education and doctoral students with Ministry grant or other grant.

For a place in a double bedroom in a private house: from € 190 to € 200/month + € 60/month for the general expenses: water, electricity, heating, etc. to be shared;
For a place in a single bedroom in a private house: from € 270 to € 280/month + € 60/month for the general expenses: water, electricity, heating, etc. to be shared;
For a studio flat: from € 320 to € 450/month plus € 60/month for the general utilities: water, electricity, heating, etc.;
Please note that if you find the private accommodation through a real estate agent, you will be asked to pay one month rent for the service; besides you will have to give the landlord 3 month-rent at least, as a deposit and pay the monthly rent in advance.


For meals at the University canteens: € 5.50/full meal; € 2.80/small meal; both free if you get a scholarship from ERSU;
For breakfast in a bar:€ 2.20 for a cup of coffee + croissant
For one meal in a medium-priced restaurant/pizzeria: € 15/25;
The approximate prices of some items are listed below (in euro):

  • Milk: € 0.90 / Litre
  • Bread: € 3.50 / Kilo
  • Butter: €1.70 / 250 gr.
  • Beef: € 9.00 / 21.00 / Kilo
  • Chicken: € 4.00 / 8.00 /Kilo
  • Rice: €1.50 / 2.50 / Kilo
  • Pasta: €0.80 / 1.20 /Kilo
  • Mineral water: € 0.25 / 0.80 /Litre

Other needs

For bus transport: € 1.20  for a single ticket (valid 70 minutes); monthly bus pass € 26.50 or € 31.50 if you are over 29 years old, yearly bus pass from € 208, up to € 251;  
For an Italian language course with Lingua Ideale: see the different prices at www.linguaideale.it
For clothing: shoes € 50.00/pair, jeans € 40.00-70.00 €/pair, sweater € 40.00 – 60.00.
To buy a mobile phone: € 50.00 - 400; monthly and pay-as-you-go plans: € 5 up to € 40 (e.g. of Italian providers: WIND, TRE, VODAFONE, TIM, POSTEMOBILE)
To buy a laptop: € 400.00 – 1,000.00.
For a drink in a bar: € 2.50 - 4.00 a small beer, € 1 a cup of coffee (espresso), € 1.20 a croissant approximately.
For a movie ticket: € 5.50.
For a museum ticket: € 3.50 – 12.00.
For a theatre ticket:  € 10.00 – 20.00.
For a gym course in a private gymnasium: € 40.00 – 60.00 /month.
For a swimming pool entrance ticket: € 44.00 per month; for students only: € 45.00 for 10-entrance card and  € 80.00 for 20-entrance card.
To enroll in CUS (University Sport Centre) and have the right to special prices for gym courses, entrance to the gym and tennis courts, etc.: € 10.00/year for students and administrative staff.

Stay permit renewal costs

Stay permit renewal: € 153.50 for the application itself (€ 107.50 for the stay permit + € 30 for the postal service + € 16 for the revenue stamp) + € 149.77 for the National Health insurance or € 98 for the private health insurance (INA ASSITALIA).

For the renewal of the stay permit the Immigration office (Questura) might ask you to prove that you have at least € 500.00/month for minimum 6 months - please note that this amount will just allow you to afford basic expenses.

It is highly recommended that you can count on an amount of € 500/600 € per month.


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