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Conferenza Postgraduate Conference

4th Silfs Postgraduate Conference on Logic and Philosophy of Science

3rd JUNE 2019, Monday

09:30 Registration. Venue: Palazzo Albani, University of Urbino

10:00  Welcome Coffee

  • 10:30 Welcome Address by Vilberto Stocchi (Chancellor of the University of Urbino, Gino Tarozzi (University of Urbino) and Roberto Giuntini (University of Cagliari, President of SILFS)
  • 11:00 Alessandro Guaitolini (Roma Tre Orchestra)
    J. S. Bach, Suite No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1008
  • 11:30 - 12:30 Invited Speaker:  Gerhard Heinzmann (Université de Lorraine)
    A formalization of constructivity: predicative and operative mathematics from Weyl to Feferman

Chair: Gino Tarozzi (University of Urbino)

FIRST SESSION: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

Chair: Francesco Bianchini (University of Bologna)

  • 15:00 Vanja Suboti, (University of Belgrade)
    Can Connectionism Save Usage-based Theories? A reappraisal of the connectionism vs. symbolism debate
  • 15:40 Marco Facchin (IUSS, Pavia)
    Can "Basic Minds" ever meet content? A problem for Radical Enactivism

16:20 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Luisa Damiano (University of Messina)

  • 16:40 Stefano Calboli (University of Urbino), Vincenzo Fano (University of Urbino) and Roberto Macrelli (University of Urbino)
    The Moral Decoy Effect. Asymmetric Dominance Effect in Morality and Its Political Implications
  • 17:20 Robert Chis-Ciure (University of Bucharest) and Francesco Ellia (University of Bologna)
    Facing up to the Hard Problem as an Integrated Information Theorist
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Invited Speaker:  Stefania Centrone (Technische Universität Berlin)
    Husserl and Weyl

Chair: Vincenzo Fano (University of Urbino)

4th JUNE 2019, Tuesday

SECOND SESSION: General Philosophy of Science

Chair: Mario Alai (University of Urbino)

  • 09:30 Mahdi Khalili (Sharif University of Technology)
    Truth without Reference: A Response to the Pessimistic Induction
  • 10:10 Eugenio Petrovich (University of Siena)
    Bridging the Gap between General Philosophy of Science and Scientometrics: Towards an Epistemological Theory of Citations

10:50 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Marco Giunti (University of Cagliari)

  • 11:10  Alberto Corti (University of Urbino) and Lucy James (University of Bristol)
    Scientific Realism without Reality? What remains when metaphysics is left out
  • 11:50  Alejandra Casas Munoz (University of Bristol)
    An Inferential Conception of Scientific Explanation

THIRD SESSION: Classical and Non-Classical Logics

Chair: Sara Negri (University of Helsinki)

  • 15:00 Stefano Bonzio (Marche Polytechnic University), Tommaso Flaminio (Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, IIIA — Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) and Paolo Galeazzi (University of Copenhagen)
    Sure-wins under coherence
  • 15:40 Michele Pra Baldi (University of Cagliari)
    The lattice of logics of variable inclusion

16:20 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Roberto Giuntini (University of Cagliari)

  • 16:40 Sara Negri (University of Helsinki) and Edi Pavlovic (University of Helsinki)
    DSTIT modalities through a sequent calculus
  • 17:20 Davide Dalla Rosa (University of Padua)
    In which sense is Kant’s categorical syllogistic non-classical?
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Invited Speaker:  Sara Negri (University of Helsinki)
    Unveiling the constructive core of classical theories: A contribution to 90 years of Glivenko's theorem

Chair: Roberto Giuntini (University of Cagliari)

5th JUNE  2019, Wednesday

FOURTH SESSION: Philosophy and Foundations of Physics

Chair: Laura Felline (University of Rome III)

  • 09:30 Frida Trotter (University of Lausanne)
    The [un]observability of the entangled state
  • 10:10 Ivan Chajda (University of Olomouc), Davide Fazio (University of Cagliari) and Antonio Ledda (University of Cagliari)
    The Generalized Orthomodularity Property: Configurations, Pastings and Completions

10:50 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Giuseppe Sergioli (University of Cagliari)

  • 11:10 Silvia Bianchi (IUSS, Pavia)
    Introducing Thin Objects in Mathematical Structuralism: Ontological Dependence and Grounding for a Weak Approach
  • 11:50 Andrea Oldofredi (University of Lausanne)
    An Internal Realist Interpretation of the Primitive Ontology Programme

FIFTH SESSION: Philosophy of Social Sciences

Chair: Pierluigi Barrotta (University of Pisa)

  • 15:00 Walter Veit (University of Bayreuth)
    Who is Afraid of Model Pluralism?
  • 15:40 Giulia Miotti (Sapienza University of Rome)
    Imperfect Knowledge And Non-Equilibrium In Finance: The Efficientist Approach In The Light Of Fallibilism 16:20 Coffee & Tea

16:20 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Eleonora Montuschi (Ca’ Foscari  University  of  Venice)

  • 16:40 Stefano Vaselli (University of Turin)
    Is Methodological Individualism Without Ontological Individualism Possible
  • 17:20 - 18:20 Winner of SILFS Philosophy of Science Prize Remco Heesen (University of Western Australia)
    The Necessity of Commensuration Bias in Grant Peer Review

Chair: Giuseppe Sergioli (University of Cagliari)

6th JUNE  2019, Thursday

SIXTH SESSION: Philosophy of Biology and Health Sciences

Chair: Gilberto Corbellini (Sapienza University of Rome, CNR-DSU)

  • 09:30 Federico Boem (University of Milan), Stefano Bonzio (Marche Polytechnic University) and Barbara Osimani (Marche Polytechnic University; LMU Münich)
    The Cochrane case: an epistemic analysis on decision-making and trust in science in the age of information
  • 10:10 Silvano Zipoli Caiani (University of Florence), Federico Boem (University of Milan) and Gabriele Ferretti (University of Florence)
    Out of our Skull, within our Skin: The Gut Microbiota and the Extended Mind Thesis

10:50 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Cristina Amoretti (University of Genoa)

  • 11:10 Chiara Beneduce (University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome)
    "Complexio". A systemic approach to organism's dynamics
  • 11:50 General assembly of SILFS

SEVENTH SESSION: Foundations of Logic and Mathematics

Chair: Emiliano Ippoliti (Sapienza University of Rome)

  • 15:00 Ludovica Conti (University of Pavia)
    Russell's Paradox ways out
  • 15:40 Claudio Ternullo (Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic, University of Vienna) and Luca Zanetti (IUSS, Pavia)
    From Bolzano to Frege: A Cantorian Path

16:20   Coffee & Tea

Chair: Laura Crosilla (University of Birmingham)

  • 16:40 Matteo Zicchetti (University of Bristol)
    Truth-theories, Cognitive Projects and Trustworthiness
  • 17:20 Michele Lubrano (University of Turin)
    Difference-making and explanation in mathematics
  • 18:00 - 19:30 Invited Speaker: Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
    Connexive Heyting-Brouwer logic

Chair: Francesco Bianchini (University of Bologna)

7th JUNE  2018, Friday

EIGHTH SESSION: Foundations of Computing and Artificial Intelligence

Chair: Guglielmo Tamburrini (University of Naples Federico II)

  • 09:30 Mirko Tagliaferri (University of Urbino)
    How to Build a Formal Notion of Trust
  • 10:10 Sandro Sozzo (University of Leicester)
    Entanglement and Quantum Structures in Concept Combinations

10:50 Coffee & Tea

Chair: Edoardo Datteri (University of Milano-Bicocca)

  • 11:10 Silvia Crafa (University of Padua) and Lucrezia Pelizzon (University of Cagliari)
    Epistemological questions for a philosophical education in artificial intelligence
  • 11:50 Best Presentations Awards

Chair: Roberto Giuntini (University of Cagliari) and Gino Tarozzi (University of Urbino)


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  Data inizio: 03/06/2019 alle ore 09:30 Data fine: 07/06/2019 alle ore 13:00
Palazzo Albani (Urbino, Via Viti, 10) Aula B3 Clemente Xi

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