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Learning Objectives

The Advanced Studies Course in Business Culture in the Italian Context is designed to strengthen knowledge of theoretical and contextual factors that influence the role of Italy in the global economy. This objective is reached through educational and teaching activities that investigate the themes of Italian culture, global economic processes, competitive effectiveness and Italian language in order to provide the student with refined analytical skills in the global areas of business and finance necessary for professionals able to understand and manage the complex connections between culture, society and economy. Among the objectives of this course is the education of professionals that demonstrate transversal skills useful for working in Italian and foreign economic and business sectors such that they can successfully create and implement strategies and policies of internationalisation and cooperation between Italy and global markets. For this purpose, lessons will be taught in English and the program focus course – Competitive Effectiveness – will require students to develop a practical and applicable marketing plan together with a local Italian company. Foreign students are required to take two levels of Italian language.

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scopri il programma

Successful participants in this course will acquire skills needed in economic and business areas that will allow them to work as researchers and analysts as well as financial or business operators working in Italian, Anglophone and global markets

The course lasts 1 semester of 15 lesson-weeks. The break week at half semester and Italian national holidays are not counted as part of the 15 week teaching period. Class participation is mandatory. Lessons will begin in January 2023 and will finish in May 2023.

The course includes a total of 925 hours of educational activities between lessons, activities and individual study corresponding to 37 CFU (University Education Credits). Conferral of the certificate of successful participation depends on attendance of all course activities, successful completion of exams and the presentation of a final report.


1) Global Political Economy - SECS-P/01 - 9 CFU 

2) Competitive Effectiveness - SECS-P/09 - 18 CFU 

3) Un insegnamento a scelta di 9 CFU tra / one elective of 9 CFU from either:

  • Italian Culture - L-ART/05 - 9 CFU
  • Economic History - SECS-P/12 - 9 CFU

4) Prova finale / Final exam - 1 CFU

Total - 37 CFU

The conferral of the certificate requires that the student is positively evaluated in each course taken.  Each student will present a final report produced under the supervision of one of the professors and the didactic coordinator. 

  • The Business Culture in the Italian Context (BCIC) Program is a joint programm with the Villanova School of Business (Pennsylvania)
  • The Competitive Effectiveness course is a team-taught core course in which one professor will be from the Villanova Business School and the other from the University of Urbino. The course will cover management and marketing principles and apply them to a class consultancy project for an Italian organization. 

How to apply for Business culture in the italian context (BCIC)

Course with limited number of positions
Number of positions
45 available
Admission deadline
Applications due by 25/11/2022
Useful information


The course is aimed at Italian and non-Italian citizens in possession of adequate knowledge of the English language to operate successfully in an English language academic environment. The scientific committee will confirm this level of knowledge for non-Anglophone students by consideration of:
Certificate of a B2 level of spoken and written English (according to the European Common Framework for Languages) and a C1 level in reading skills. The scientific committee recognises IELTS or Cambridge Exams, or documented attestation of native-speaker ability. Only language certificates obtained within two years of application to this course will be considered valid. A native speaker is considered to be a person who has lived, studied or worked in an Anglophone country for at least three years. 
Further requirements are: 
Presentation of a transcript from a university or other post-secondary educational institution that demonstrates study in economics, business studies, economic history, Italian cultural studies, political science or other sectors deemed to be congruent with the scope of this course as considered by the selection committee;
Admission is carried out by a committee of three professors nominated by the scientific committee and is based on a candidate selection according to documents presented. Students who will receive the required diplomas or titles after the admission deadline but before registration may be admitted on a waiting list.


This course will activate upon receiving a minimum of 18 applicants. It will accept a maximum of 45 students. The course will not be activated if enrolment does not reach the minimum number of students required. 
If applications exceed 45 students, the scientific committee will proceed with admissions selection based on the quality of the candidate's experience, studies, scientific and professional activity as documented by their application.

Applications presented by students regularly registered in courses at Villanova Business School will be internally evaluated by the partner professors of the Villanova Business School and approved by the Scientific Committee.
Admission evaluation will take into account:
- curriculum: max 30 points;
- English language certification: C2 10 points, C1 7 points, B2 4 points
- final degree evaluation and/or GPA (grade point average) or weighted average marks of degree programme in progress.
Points attributed for academic performance as attested by the undergraduate degree presented, GPA (Grade Point Average) or weighted average of marks in an active degree course will be considered as part of the academic c.v. and will be attributed as follows: 
- 10 points for university degree obtained with maximum final marks =110/110 lode; 
- 8 points for university degree obtained with marks between 104/110 and maximum; 
- 4 points for university degree obtained with marks less than a 104/110.
- 10 points for GPA (grade point average) of 3.5-4.0/or average weighted marks equivalent to 95% or higher;
- 8 points for GPA (grade point average) of 3.0-3.49/ or average weighted marks equivalent to 85%-94.9%;
- 4 points for GPA (grade point average) of 2.5-2.99/ or average weighted marks equivalent to 75%-84.9%.).

Application procedure
You can apply from the 01/12/2022 to the 20/01/2023 . Using the online procedure you can register to fill in the application and pay with PagoPA (Credit Card, PayPal) to complete the payment of the admission fee.
Online registration
Online registration Registration guidelines

Information on teaching and research activities


Director: Antonella Negr

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For information please contact Sandra Abderhalden

Antonella Negri
Sandra Abderhalden

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