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Lab 4 - Manufacture of paintings on wooden support . Artifacts carved in wood. Furniture and wooden structures 2 - Form 2C Wood
Laboratorio 4 - Manufatti dipinti su supporto ligneo. Manufatti scolpiti in legno. Arredi e strutture lignee 2 - Modulo 2C Legno

A.Y. Credits
2015/2016 5
Lecturer Email Office hours for students
Michele Papi

Assigned to the Degree Course

Date Time Classroom / Location

Learning Objectives

The activities will focus on the works available in the laboratory on which you will develop theoretical and practical knowledge already acquired , the training will be completed by discussions and visits to places where you can see and discuss the solutions adopted for the conservation and sotegno works in wood.


The program is divided into a theoretical part (20 hours), and a practical part of intervention on works in the laboratory (105 hours).
Lectures: Organization of the work of restoration Hours 3
Designing a restoration Hours 5
And machining and construction of wooden works: 4 Hours
2. wooden statues
3. Facilities wooden complex
Identification of damage on wooden artefacts and their cataloging 4 Hours
Some cases of remediation of wooden artefacts case studies. 4 hours
Laboratory; Supports: knowledge of the types of wood used in different eras, anatomy and behavior of the wood 20 Hours
Technical execution media (tables and sculptures); types of interlocking and assembly systems. Identification of remediation techniques to be adopted and implementing them. 20 hours
Additions and reconstructions structural works that needed Specific interventions 45 hours
Analysis of the state conservation Hours 10
Structural analysis of the work and graphical display of the structure 10 Hours

Learning Achievements (Dublin Descriptors)

Acquire the main concepts related to artifacts paintings on wooden support , through the knowledge of the techniques used and the constituent materials , the phenomena of degradation and techniques of historical restoration through a careful analysis of the degradation .
Acquire some previous knowledge related to restoration work ( structural analysis and consolidation of the painted , compensation for injuries , disinfestation , leveling of deformations , reitegrazioni gaps , etc . ) And the main materials to be used that will be detailed during the modules .

Teaching Material

The teaching material prepared by the lecturer in addition to recommended textbooks (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises, bibliography) and communications from the lecturer specific to the course can be found inside the Moodle platform › blended.uniurb.it

Teaching, Attendance, Course Books and Assessment

Course books

Wood technology ; 1 Tomo , William Jordan Ed . Hoep

The restoration of wooden structures ; Buffer Gennaro , Ed . Hoepli

Conservation of paintings on wood ; Luke Uzielli and Ornella Casazza , Nardini Publisher



1) To take the exam, the student must submit a technical report of the 'restoration work done on the works in the laboratory, drawn in a group or individually (a report for each work regardless of the number of students who worked there), including :
- Description of the techniques used and the constituent materials;
- Description of the state of conservation;
- Description of any restoration work earlier reported on the article;
- Detailed description of the restoration project on the article and of any transactions yet to be performed
(The latter described by points).
The report will be drawn up according to the model provided by the lecturers during the modules and will be inclusive of:
- Graphic documentation;
- photographic documentation;
- Card detection and documentation.
The entry must be mailed at least two weeks before the teachers and delivered on paper and computer, for evaluation.
The photographic image must be properly numbered and accompanied by its caption.
Students who have only partially recovered some of those workshops will CFU
submit a report of the work done; the report must be sent by mail, two weeks before the exam to teachers and delivered on paper and computer, when examining

The exam consists of a written test and an oral interview:
Written test: to be performed in an hour, consists of 6 closed questions and three open-ended questions;
Oral test: will focus on the work done in the lab and on the topics covered in lectures and study texts indicated.

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