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A.Y. Credits
2016/2017 6
Lecturer Email Office hours for students
Alberto Andreani

Assigned to the Degree Course

Law degree for labour Consultancy and safety at work (L-14)
Date Time Classroom / Location

Learning Objectives

Aim of the course is to study and analyze national and international voluntary standards, and in particular the UNI-INAIL Guidelines: 2001 and the Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 B.S., that can be used to implement company, organizational models pursuant to article 30, paragraph 5, of the d.lgs. n. 81 of 2001, in order to send free enterprises from administrative responsibility established against them by d.lgs. n. 231 of 2001.


The course, given the fact that the mandatory rules impose on the employer a correct Organization of production, will address the issues of health and safety at work mainly from a management perspective. Will, therefore, mandatory standards related to the content of voluntary standards aimed at preparation of correct organisational models, aimed at health and safety at work.

Learning Achievements (Dublin Descriptors)

The student at the end of the course you will be able to design and verify the effective implementation of the organisational models that are implemented on the basis of art. 30 of legislative decree 81/2008.

Teaching Material

The teaching material prepared by the lecturer in addition to recommended textbooks (such as for instance slides, lecture notes, exercises, bibliography) and communications from the lecturer specific to the course can be found inside the Moodle platform › blended.uniurb.it

Supporting Activities

Classroom exercises in class.

Didactics, Attendance, Course Books and Assessment


Lesson in classroom


No obligation.

Course books

A. Terracini and S. Massera, "Il sistema di gestione della sicurezza sul lavoro", EPC Editore, ul.ed.

Only for students who will follow the lessons, slides projected during the same.

For consultation of sources: the text of the standards OHSAS 18001 and 18002, as well as the UNI-INAIL Guidelines: 2001.


Final test and interview questions.

Additional Information for Non-Attending Students


Lesson in classroom.


No obligation.

Course books

A. Terracini and S. Massera, "Il Sistema di gestione della sicurezza sul lavoro", EPC Publisher, ul.

For consultation of sources: the text of the standards OHSAS 18001 and 18002, as well as the UNI-INAIL Guidelines: 2001.


Interview questions.


However there is no obligation to attend , it is recommended strongly participating in the lessons.

In the Department is active the 'Olympus Observatory for the permanent monitoring of legislation and case law on safety in the workplace'. It carries out various activities including, in particular: - the management of a website with legislative databases, case law and contractual requirements concerning safety in the workplace; - Depth articles, specialized reviews and "focus" theme; - The management of an online scientific journal - "The Working Papers of Olympus", shortly destined to mutate into "Diritto alla sicurezza sul lavoro" (DSL) - in the field of law of security in the workplace, with ISSN, which makes use of a large international scientific committee and refereeing procedures for the identification of essays to be published; - The organization of events congresses and seminars including international. This observatory, whose website is freely accessible to all in a logic of public service, allows students of the Study course to find useful materials and documentation to study and draft the dissertation. It offers, also, through the mentioned congresses meetings and seminars, the opportunity to meet with leading experts in the field and a full analysis of the most sensitive issues relating to it.


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