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2020/2021 L-10 - Classe delle lauree in lettere Urbino

Learning Objectives

The degree course in “Humanities, Cultural Heritage Studies and Philosophy” belongs to the literature degree class (L-10). It offers a fundamental education in historical, philosophical, artistic, archaeological, linguistic, philological and literary areas, with four separate paths (programmes) that have some courses in common and some separate ones depending on the path chosen. In this way, the courses (basic, specialised, optional) introduce the student to the specific characteristics of knowledge, guiding him to acquiring several disciplinary methods and expanding their skills with interdisciplinary perspective. The course also promotes knowledge of at least one EU language, both written and oral, other than Italian, and the main IT resources (research, consultation and remote communication tools) available for each area of study, guiding the students in the various expression of European culture. Teaching does not end with institutional courses, but is also integrated with several activities, such as conferences, seminars, congresses, work placements, laboratories, study trips etc. The four programmes are structured to allow the student to access one of the similar masters’ degrees directly after the three-year course.
Humanities. Literature, Arts and Philosophy (L-10)

How to apply for Humanities. Literature, Arts and Philosophy

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Application procedure
You can apply from the 21/07/2020 to the 12/10/2020 . Using the online procedure you can register to fill in the application and pay with PagoPA (Credit Card, PayPal) to complete the payment of the admission fee.
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Tutors are there to help students find their way around and organize their attendance, in order to turn them into active participants in their formative process, and to remove all the obstacles that prevent them from attending all their courses. For information: tutor.lettere@uniurb.it
Prof. Venanzio Raspa
Prof.ssa Grazia Maria Fachechi

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