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Once the International office has received your nomination, all the necessary information regarding the online application procedures will be sent to your e-mail.


Pre-Application deadline:

1st semester/Year students: 30 June

2nd semester students: 15 November


A Letter of acceptance will be sent to all Erasmus+ and Exchange students after the deadline date.


The application will be finalized upon the arrival


Before leaving your country, please make sure you have:

  • a passport  or ID card  and study visa if you come from a country outside E.U. (Visa/permit of stay)
  • the European Health card or a private health insurance policy if you come from a country outside the E.U. (Health insurance)
  • car insurance and driving licence if you are bringing a car


You should also check that:

  • you have filled in the online pre-application form;
  • you have received a letter of acceptance from the University of Urbino;
  • you have enough money. You will need some cash in EURO when you arrive, for immediate expenses;
  • you have arranged accommodation for your period of stay in Urbino;
  • you have informed the International Mobility Office of the University of Urbino about  your date of  arrival;
  • you have enrolled for the Intensive language course or annual course if you wish to attend an Italian course;
  • you have registered in the University of Urbino system and received an ID and a Password for Wi-Fi;
  • you have received your Buddy contact information.

Registration at the International Mobility Office

The office is located in Via Aurelio Saffi, n. 2 – ground floor, first door on the right.

The enrolment procedures must be completed upon the arrival and after the Welcome Day for Erasmus+ and Exchange students, which normally takes place before mid-September. We highly recommend that you arrive for the Welcome Day.

Please inform the International Mobility Office about the exact date of your arrival.


Documents to bring for registration:

  • ID card or passport
  • arrival certificate of your university.


Office hours: Monday to Friday - 9.30 am - 01.00 pm, Tuesday afternoon 3.00 pm - 4.30 pm



Registration at the ERDIS Office

Registration at the ERDIS Office is done by the International Mobility Office.

The ERDIS Office will provide you with your student card which gives you access to the services; the card must be charged through machines located in dormitories, ERDIS office and university canteens.


Request a Tax Code and Permit of Stay if you are a non-EU citizen

The Tax Code gives you access to Italian services for citizens.

If you are a NON-UE student, you must apply for a Permit of Stay.


Visit the personal tax code and permit of stay pages of the “Stay in Italy” section of the website for further information


Courses and Individual Exam Plan

Before leaving your University you should plan your study programme together with your academic coordinator at your home institution.

The list of courses you can follow at the University of Urbino will be updated at the end of August. In the meanwhile, check the present list here.

We have 3 study areas. Erasmus+/Exchange students can take courses from each study area:

  • Humanities
  • Scientific
  • GEPS (Law, Economics, Political Science and Sociology)

Don’t forget to check the courses you choose to follow with the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator you have here in Urbino too. See the list of our Departmental Erasmus Coordinators at the bottom of this page.


Individual Exam Plan

Fill in the Individual Exam Plan (it will  be sent to you by the International Mobility Office next to instructions and procedures to follow in order to correctly enroll in the courses you choose)

For any info you may need about courses you can contact the Academic Tutors

Send you Individual Exam Plan and signed Learning Agreement according to the instructions and procedures the International Mobility Office will give you.

Remember: you must submit this form before the end of October for courses of first semester and year courses; before the end of March for second semester courses.

Important: if you choose a modulo (part of an exam), it will not be specified on the official Transcript. A certificate can be requested from the Professor.


Students must register online for exams. The registration procedure usually closes 48 hours before the scheduled exam date.

Students should consult the Department website for all necessary information. Please note that exams can only be taken in the period indicated in the  Academic Calendar of your school (refer to the website of the school).

Examination procedure

  1. Log-in your ESSE3 account and click on “appelli” and reserve your place.
  2. Go to the exam.


Erasmus Extension Mobility

If you want to extend your mobility period go to the International Mobility Office, bringing with you your Erasmus Extension Mobility Form filled in and signed by your home university.

Intensive Italian language course

For Erasmus+ and Exchange students, the course is free of charge.

An intensive Italian language course is normally scheduled for September, before the beginning of the regular courses. It is highly recommended to have a B1 level of Italian language.

Attending this three-week course is important and essential not only for providing you with a better knowledge of the Italian language but also for acquainting you with the Italian University system.


A positioning test is normally held in mid-September to determine the linguistic level of each student.

All students enrolled in the Italian Language course must take the test.


Any students who do not take the positioning test and cannot consequently access the Intensive course can attend an Annual or Semestral Course.


Annual Course and Semestral Courses

The Annual Course normally starts around in the beginning of October and ends in December for students arriving for the first semester, in May for students coming for the second semester and for the whole year.

A positioning test is held in the first week of October at CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateno - Via Budassi, 28).

Students arriving in the second semester will access the course which starts in October, following a positioning test.

Students must attend 80% of classes in order to be admitted to the final exam and obtain credits.


ECTS System for the Italian Language and Culture Courses:

Intensive Course: 6 ECTS

Year Course (level A1-B1): 6 ECTS 

Year Course (level B2-C1): 8 ECTS

Semestral Course (level A1-B1): 3 ECTS 

Semestral Course (level B2-C1): 4 ECTS

Have your Certificate of Attendance signed by the International Mobility Office

The Certificate of Attendance is the proof of your presence at the University of Urbino and must be signed no more than 3 days before you leave Urbino.


Transcript Request

In order to receive the Transcript of Records at the end of your Erasmus period, the following documents are required:

  1. Transcript Request Form
  2. Nulla Osta from ERDIS
  3. Nulla Osta from Central Library

Transcripts will be sent out within 4 or 5 weeks from your departure to the address you indicated.

If you request any documents after your departure, these will be delivered to you depending on the relevant office timeframe.


Welcome Day - September 2023

11 September 2023

10:30 am (CET) - Aula Magna, Palazzo Battiferri

Italian Intensive course positioning test

11 September 2023

3:00 pm (CET) - Aula Magna, Palazzo Battiferri

Italian Intensive course starting date

12 September 2023

Meeting with year and first semester Erasmus students from the study areas:

Economics, Law, Sociology, Political Science Area

Scientific, Sanitary, Technological Studies Area

Human Sciences Area

12 September 2023

2:00 pm (CET) - Aula Rossa, Palazzo Battiferri

Annual/First Semester Italian course positioning test

03 October 2023

9:00 am (CET) - Lab. B CLA, Via Budassi, 28

Annual/First Semester Italian course starting date

05 October 2023

Welcome Day - February 2024

12 February 2024

10:30 am (CET) - Aula Magna del Rettorato, Palazzo Bonaventura (Via Saffi, 2)

Second semester Italian course positioning test

15 February 2024

10:00 am (CET) - CLA, Via Budassi, 28

Second semester Italian course starting date

third week of February 2024

Submission of the Individual Plan for courses of the first semester

25 October 2023

Submission of the Individual Plan for courses of the Second semester

25 March 2024

Meeting with second semester Erasmus students from the study areas:

Economics, Law, Sociology, Political Science Area

Scientific, Sanitary, Technological Studies Area

Human Sciences Area

14 February 2024

11:30 am (CET) - Aula Magna del Rettorato, Palazzo Bonaventura (Via Saffi, 2)




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