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Ph.D. students who are interested in requesting, for proven reasons, an extension of a maximum of 12 months for the submission of the Ph.D. thesis as foreseen by the Ministerial Decree 226/2021 (Article 8, paragraph 6) must submit the relevant request at least 6 months before the end of the Ph.D. Programme (Art. 21, paragraph 9 of the University Ph.D. Regulations), thus no later than April 30th.

For Ph.D. students who benefit from the 3-month Covid-19 extension (art. 33 paragraphs 2-bis, 2-ter, 2-quater of the Decree Law 22 March 2021, n. 41, amended and converted into Law 21 May 2021, n. 69), the deadline is postponed accordingly to July 31st.


Ph.D. students must submit the final report on the activities carried out during the 3 years of the Ph.D. programme including eventual publications (see format "Relazione triennale / Final Report" at the bottom of the page) to the Ph.D. Coordinator one and a half months before the end of the programme, according to the following deadlines:

  • by September 15th for those who finish the programme on October 31st;
  • by December 15th for those who finish the programme on January 31st as they have availed themselves of the Covid-19 extension.


The mandatory deadline for submitting the Graduation application depends on the total number of months of extension (Covid-19 extension + D.M. 226 extension) obtained by the Ph.D. student:

  • no extension: October 31st;
  • 3 months: January 31st;
  • 6 months: April 30th;
  • 9 months: July 31st;
  • 12 months: October 31st;
  • 15 months: January 31st;

Those who have availed themselves of suspension periods must retrieve them before submitting the Graduation application and must contact the Ph.D. Office to verify their specific deadlines.

To proceed with the Graduation application, please log in to your reserved area (https://uniurb.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do) and select “Conseguimento titolo” from the menu. The procedure is explained in detail in the step-by-step guide “Guida conseguimento titolo” available at the bottom of the page.

During the Graduation application procedure, the following mandatory attachments are requested:

  • Electronic copy of the Ph.D. thesis in PDF/A format (Please note that for the frontispiece it is mandatory to use the specific template available at the bottom of the page. As required by the MIUR, Prot. 1581 of 26/07/2005 the frontispiece must include the name of the supervisor and the eventual co-supervisor as well as the code of the Scientific Disciplinary Sector. If several disciplinary sectors are involved, the pre-eminent one in the treatment of the thesis must be indicated. The exhaustive list of the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors is available in the documentation section at the bottom of this page).
  • Receipt of the AlmaLaurea online questionnaire
  • Disclaimer for archiving the Ph.D. thesis
  • Final Report

Ph.D. students who wish to request an embargo must also attach the relevant request form authorized by the Supervisor and the Ph.D. Director.

All relevant forms are available at the bottom of the page.

During the Graduation application procedure, the Ph.D. student will also be asked to insert the abstract of the thesis in English.

At the end of the application procedure and within the same deadline, the following payments must be made:

  • € 16.00 (stamp duty) of graduation application fee;
  • € 16.00 (stamp duty) of parchment contribution.

The Ph.D. thesis, together with the final report, will be examined by two external reviewers appointed by the Board of Lecturers. Within 30 days of acceptance of the appointment, the reviewers will express an analytical evaluation of the Ph.D. thesis and propose its admission to the public discussion in the event of a positive judgment or minimal revisions requested (minor) or its postponement for a period of up to six months if they consider that significant additions or corrections are necessary (major revision).

The possible outcomes of the evaluation are:

  • POSITIVE OUTCOME: the thesis automatically acquires the final status.
  • MINOR REVISION REQUESTED: the revised and corrected thesis must be uploaded within 30 days.
  • MAJOR REVISION REQUESTED: within six months the updated thesis, revised and corrected as requested, must be uploaded and submitted for a second evaluation by the reviewers.

In the event of conflicting evaluations, the worst opinion prevails.

Based on the evaluations received, the Board of Lecturers admits/does not admit each Ph.D. student to the public discussion (University Ph.D. Regulations).


The discussion of the thesis takes place in a public session in front of an Evaluation Board appointed by a Rector's Decree on the proposal of the Board of Lecturers.

The final thesis approved by the supervisor will be automatically sent by the system to the members Selection Board.

At the end of the discussion, the Ph.D. thesis is approved or rejected with a motivated written judgment issued by the Evaluation Board. In the presence of results of particular scientific importance, the Commission can unanimously decide to award honours.

The title of Ph.D. (Dott. Ric.) is issued upon passing the final exam.

After the achievement of the Ph.D. title or upon the expiry of the requested embargo period, the University of Urbino will deposit the thesis in the open-access institutional archive IRIS ORA.

Moreover, the University will take care of the legal deposit of the Ph.D. thesis at the Central National Libraries of Rome and Florence.

Documento File
Richiesta di Embargo Tesi
Form for the final exam
Liberatoria per l’archiviazione della tesi di dottorato
Form for the final exam
Guida al conseguimento titolo on line
Guide to the graduation application
Modello frontespizio tesi ITA_ENG
Form for the final exam
Modello frontespizio tesi cotutela
Form for the final exam
Academic Fields and Disciplines
Documentation for the final exam
Final report
Form for the final exam

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